FO HOME was founded in 2019, under the wave of Chinese economic transition and consumption upgrade.

  With the practice of reform and opening-up in the last century, Chinese economy changed extraordinarily within the rapid progress in almost 40 years.

  Nowadays, new type of economic structure being boosted and consumption upgrade being imperative, domestic family offices come into being.

  The development of family offices abroad have undergone hundreds of years while the domestic ones in China are less than 20 years, which means that there exists the colossal gap with international standard.

  According to the intentional conventions, family office is supposed to focus on the family transaction management, rather than being limited to the family financial management.

  Through the communication and study with the core team of the overseas family office, FO HOME is aimed at help the domestic family office promote its comprehensive strength and serves better for the high or ultra high net worth group. Under the premise of preserving, increasing and inheriting the value of family wealth, FO HOME could make true the service of family transaction management such as  the higher qualified family cultural heritage etc.

  The core team of FO HOME is combined with senior specialist who has researched the wealth management industry for more than 10 years, the returning students degree in Financial subject who have studied and worked in developed countries for several years and some industry veterans etc.

  With the advantage of better international professional view and familiar with local conditions and customs, FO HOME could offer the all round support and help for the domestic family office.

  In addition, FO HOME could assist the domestic family office to make true the service of different styles and values, ranging from basic necessities of life, house purchasing overseas to personal customized service worldwide etc through the inter-cooperation with brother enterprises.